Tiny sensor measures the body’s position and movement minute by minute, around the clock.

Cloud portal

Automatic data transfer via smart phone to secure cloud.


Easy to interpret sleep-wake-activity cycle reports to support evidence-based decision making.


How it works?

Fibion Circadian consists of a tiny sensor that is attached to the middle of the back with a custom-made patch. The sensor automatically sends data about the citizen’s activity to an online portal.

The sensor measures the body’s position and movement minute by minute, around the clock. The collected data is stored and analyzed in our online portal, where professionals can see when the citizen is lying, standing / walking, restless or relaxed.

Our circadian rhythm schedule can be used as a supplement to or replacement for your normal restlessness schedules and to assess the citizen’s general well-being. Furthermore, you can use it as a basis for any new decisions of care measures.

Why use Fibion Circadian?

Provides an objective and complete picture of the citizen’s circadian rhythm.

Reveals sleep disorders, night walking, restlessness, hyperactivity or inactivity.

Allows for easy sharing of the results with colleagues, doctors, psychologists or relatives.

Measures and documents the effect of new care measures.

Better care, better well-being


Easy to use in any situation

Improve care


Get objective data on

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Night walking
  • Restlessness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Inactivity

Make changes to

  • Medication
  • Daily routines
  • Sedentary and physical activity behaviours
  • Care procedures
  • Caffeine intake
  • Light exposure
  • Evening and sleep routines


  • Wellbeing
  • Health
  • Effectiveness of care
  • Quality of life

Importance of sleep-wake rhythm

A disturbed sleep-wake circadian rhythm can lead to serious sleeping problems.

“The one area where actigraphy can be used for clinical diagnosis is in the evaluation of circadian rhythm disorders. Actigraphy has been shown to be very good for identifying rhythms… Actigraphy therefore would be particularly good for aiding in the diagnosis of delayed or advanced sleep phase syndrome, non-24-hour-sleep syndrome and in the evaluation of sleep disturbances in shift workers.”


Ancoli-Israel S, Cole R, Alessi C, Chambers M, Moorcroft W, Pollak CP
The role of actigraphy in the study of sleep and circadian rhythms. Sleep. 2003 May 1;26(3):342-92. doi: 10.1093/sleep/26.3.342. PMID: 12749557.

Features that make data collection a breeze

Innovative device

  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Stick-and-Play patch
  • Automatic data transmission to cloud
  • Over 22 weeks 24/7 measurement time with the initial charge
  • Over 2 years stand-by time
  • 2 weeks buffering memory in device

Accurate data

  • Analysed times for following categories: Lying calm, lying restless, sitting/standing calm, walking
  • Remote data
  • Raw XYZ accelereration data (12.5 Hz)
  • 25 Hz raw data (optional)

Smart management

  • Data management platform
  • Cloud server
  • Smart phone app
  • Manage all sensors remotely
  • Hotspot upload™
  • Fibion Circadian online and PDF reports

Future-proof tri-axial raw data

Fibion Circardian records also raw high resolution tri-axial acceleration data.

See System in Action

Fibion CEO Olli Tikkanen providing tour of Fibion Circadian cloud and its features. Check from video, how devices can be controlled remotely, how reports can be created and distributed, and how data can be exported in different formats.