Bed Sensor

Ultra-sensitive bed sensor placed under a bed mattress


Automatic data transfer to
secure cloud

Validated Data

Movement, turns sleep stages, heart rate variability, breathing

Replace subjective sleep assessment tools with objective and accurate sleep data.


“Technique of graphic representation of the movements of the body imparted by the ballistic forces (recoil and impact) associated with cardiac contraction and ejection of blood and with the deceleration of blood flow through the large blood vessels.”


Amount of movements and turns during sleep.

Breathing rate

Amount of breaths per minute (bpm).

Heart rate and HR variability

Beats per minute and
R-R interval time in milliseconds.

Sleep stages

Durations of light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.



Sensor Like No Other

The most sensitive self-biased electroactive material on the market detecting biosignals even through thick mattress.

Unrivalled Convenience

Without wearing anything, you get accurate data of sleep stages, breathing rate and heart rate variability (HRV) data.


Install and Forget

Accurate sleep measurement could not be any easier than this. After quick installation, there is no need to do anything to get data from every night week after week. Sensor is plugged in, so there is no need for charging and data is streamed automatically to the cloud.


Accessing all sleep data is available anywhere. No need to download and update apps or software as cloud-based data dashboard ca be used on any device with a browser.


Research data

Export research data easily for further analysis from the secure cloud. Check easily how measurements are progressing, check quickly that everything is correct in data, and even start analysing the data when participants still have the devices. The new level of convenience.

Full 24-h Measurements

Fibion Emfit measurements can be accompanied with Fibion SENS measurements to get full picture of both sleep and wake time.


Fibion Emfit - Nearable like no other