Features that make data collection a breeze

Innovative device

  • Stick-and-Play patch
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Over 5-months 24/7 measurement time
  • Over 2 years of standby time
  • Automatic data transmission
  • Hotspot upload™

Accurate data

  • XYZ acceleration data
  • Analysed sitting time, activity types and intensity
  • Real-time remote data
  • 2 weeks of data logging

Smart management

  • Data management platform
  • Cloud server
  • Smartphone app
  • Manage all sensors remotely
  • Fibion online and PDF participant reports

Learn more about Fibion SENS

Fibion SENS Cloud Platform Walkthrough

See remote control, report creation and data
export on action.

Fibion SENS slide deck

29 slides presentation providing more information on device specifications, cloud portal, data formats, different feedback reports, etc.


Patch for easy attachment

Future-proof tri-axial raw data

In addition to automatically produced result variables and participant reports, Fibion SENS records also raw high-resolution tri-axial acceleration data. Fibion SENS data is future-proof as it can be reprocessed indefinitely as new analytical methods and algorithms are developed.


Fibion Kids

Fibion SENS can also be used with Fibion Kids, an activity tracking designed for children. Fibion Kids provides feedback from measurements to children in engaging polar bear animation.

Cutting-edge innovation

No need to worry about GDPR regulations, sensor charging, data downloads, data storage, data backups, participant feedback reports etc.


We help you succeed in your project!


Design better research protocols


Collect larger datasets easier


Publish in better


How to choose the right accelerometer for your project?