Tiny wrist-worn sensor that collects data for over 22 weeks with one charge.


Automatic data transfer to secure cloud for hassle free remote data collection.

Data / algorithms

Transparent, validated open-source algorithms to analyse the raw tri-axial acceleration signal.

Features that make data collection a breeze

Innovative device

  • Several wrist strap options
  • Stick-and-Play patch
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Over 22 weeks measurement time
  • Over 2 years stand-by time
  • 2 weeks onboard storage

Accurate data

  • Automatic data transmission
  • Hotspot upload™
  • XYZ accelereration data
  • 12.5 Hz (25 Hz optional)
  • Real-time remote data

Smart management

  • Secure cloud server
  • GDPR compliant
  • Data management platform 
  • Smartphone app
  • Manage all sensors remotely
  • Pause and resume data collection remotely

Fibion Sleep

Fibion’s innovative cloud-based actigraphy monitoring system delivers 24-hour, Real-World Data information about sleep/wake behavior, circadian rhythms, and daytime physical activity.

With its industry-leading 22 weeks measurement time with the initial charge, Fibion Sleep opens up totally new possibilities to research designs and clinical use settings.

Fibion Sleep records raw tri-axial acceleration, so you can choose the algorithm that best fits your needs and participant group. Full access to “future-proof” raw sensor data means that data can be analysed indefinitely, and new and more sophisticated sleep algorithms and analysis techniques can be applied to data as they emerge.

Replace subjective sleep assessment tools with continuous, objective 24-hour sleep/wake/activity data collected from the participants' home.

Convenient for researchers and participants of all ages



Sensor Like No Other

The Fibion Sleep sensor makes your data collection as hassle-free as possible. No charging, no cables, no buttons just smooth workflow to get accurate actigraphy data. Unrivalled 22 weeks measurement time with the initial charge.

Comfortable for All

The Fibion Sleep sensor fits in different wristband styles. Let your participant decide on the most comfortable solution.

Fibion sleep women

Automatic data upload

Getting research data has never been this easy. Any smart device with Fibion App will draw data on all nearby sensors securely to the cloud service. Simple Fibion App works basically on any Android and iOS smartphone or tablet.

Remote Control

You can start and stop measurements remotely with a tap of a finger. The cloud platform is accessible from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Access Data Anywhere

As data is located in the secure cloud, anyone in your research team can access it instantaneously anywhere in the world. They can check how measurements are progressing, check quickly that everything is correct in data, and even start analysing the data when participants still have the devices. The new level of convenience.

All Options Open

Fibion records raw triaxial acceleration data, so you can use any open-source algorithms developed by the scientific community to generate meaningful, reliable measures.


Apply the latest AI algorithms

Raw data makes data also “future-proof” as you can apply new and more sophisticated sleep algorithms to collected data as they emerge. For example, the DORMI algorithm, which uses neural networks to give you relevant sleep metrics, such as total sleep time (TST), sleep eficiency and wake after sleep onset (WASO).

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